Napa Sport Soccer Club
By Laws

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This private organization shall be known as Napa Sport Soccer Club.

The objective of the club is to develop and promote a high quality soccer program in the Napa California area and neighboring cities. This objective shall be accomplished through programs designed to educate all club members--including players, coaches and parents--about the sport of soccer, and develop public awareness and appreciations for the sport of soccer.

The club is affiliated to US Club Soccer and to the United States Soccer Federation

Membership in the club is open to all without discrimination. Membership includes all registered players, parents, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, and referees. All members shall have one vote on issues at the annual general meeting held on the third Thursday of December of each year, except for players under the age of 18.

Executive Board:
The executive board shall consist of the following directions:
President (Director) — Registrar (Director) 
Vice-President (Director)
Secretary (Director)
Club Services/treasurer (Director)
Member at Large (Director)
Registrar (DOC) (Director)
Director of Coaching (Director) 

The Board shall consist of the following club position:
Director of Referees
Technical Director
Age Group Coordinators (u10 and U19)
Disciplinary Committee Chair.
Fields Coordinator.

Board Decisions:
Each executive Board member shall have one vote. All matters of policy shall be decided by majority vote of the executive board. The president shall only vote to break a tie.

Executive Board duties:

The president shall preside over all club meetings if deemed necessary. The President Shall be ex-officio member of all club committees. The president shall be official representative of Napa Sport Soccer Club.

Director of Club Services/Treasurer:
The director of club services/Treasurer shall be responsible for all club activities such as soccer camps, Special events, and communications with the community. The director of Club Services/Treasurer Shall be responsible for all financials of the club, shall be authorized to perform all financial transactions for the club expenditures and shall prepare financial statements
for the Executive Board.

The Secretary shall be responsible for all clerical records and correspondence.
The Secretary shall keep minutes of the Executive Board meetings.

Member at Large:
The member of Large shall provide support to the executive Board on all the club’s matters.
The member of Large shall be responsible for all of the club’s infrastructure and equipment.
The member of Large shall recommend the appointments of all non-executive board Position to the Executive Board.

The registrar shall be responsible for proper registration of all club players, coaches, assistant Coaches and managers. The registrar shall validate all team rosters with our parent affiliations.
Appointed position duties:

Director of Coaching:
The Director of Coaching shall oversee the club’s training format and recommend the Appointment of the Director of soccer Training to the Executive Board.
The Director of Coaching shall evaluate all coaching applications and recommend coaches for the Club’s Competitive Program to the Executive Board.
The Director of Coaching Shall conducts coaching education courses in accordance With the club’s parent affiliations.
The Directors of Coaching shall evaluate all Coaches and Trainers and make recommendations to the Executive Board.
The director of Coaching shall be responsible for implementing the club’s soccer training Format and sports philosophy to all club members. The DoC shall recommend training methods to the h/trainer.

Director of referees:
The director of Referees shall oversee the club’s referee program and recommend formats of referee evaluation and improvements to the Executive Board.
The Director of Referees shall be the primary assignor of referees to all clubs games. The Director of Referees shall conduct referee education courses in accordance with the club’s parent
Soccer Training Staff
The Soccer Training Staff shall consist of experienced soccer coaches, and shall train under the supervision of the Director of Coaching. The Soccer Training Staff shall provide Training to all club members based on the club’s training format, sports philosophy and guidelines.
The Soccer Training Staff shall provide training assistance to all club teams, players and coaches.

Age Group Coordinator:
There will be two: Under 08, and Under 19
The age group Coordinators shall be the primary liaison between the Executive Board and all teams, players, coaches and parents within their respective age groups of responsibility.

Disciplinary Committee Chair:
The Disciplinary Committee Chair shall preside over all disciplinary issues with any club member; Player, coach, parent, manager etc. The disciplinary Chair shall, along with the two other disciplinary Committee members; investigate all complains against all club members and decide on sanctions or penalties to be assessed. Disciplinary Committee Chair will make these recommendations to The Executive Board after lull and unvarnished investigation. The Executive Board will vote on Disciplinary Committee Chair recommendations.

Field and Equipment Coordinator:
The Field and Equipment Coordinator shall be primary liaison with the parks district and Schools district. The Field and Equipment Coordinator shall be responsible for the proper issuance of Field and Equipment Coordinator shall be responsible for all of the club’s soccer and field equipment.

These By-laws may only be changed at the Annual general meeting by a two-thirds vote of the membership. Proposals for changes must be presented to the membership 60 days in advance of the annual general meeting on the third Thursday of December.

Napa Sport Soccer Club
By-Laws Enacted on 08/01/03