Welcome our new Technical Director, Carlos A. Menjivar Sr.

On Sunday Feb 25th, He held our first Coaching Workshop of 2018.  He motivated and created a winning attitude with ownership of their game. He illustrated how to create team spirit, communication, and work ethic in training 3 teams u13 boys,  u16 boys and u16 girls. Our goal is to have him once a month, but it appears not to be enough as parents and players wanted more. We are taking Big steps to bring him every week.

We need more volunteers to help organize the club in a winning attitude. Carlos has credentials that are impeccable. Meet Carlos Menjivar on .  His demeanor and charisma with the players and coaches was inspiring. 

Board Positions and new Trainer/Coach

Currently we are looking for a Recreation Coordinator, and Fundraising Coordinator and making changes adding new trainers.  We also like to welcome Amadeo Maldonaldo back to Napa Sport as a Coach and Trainer.